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liz | 23 | cleveland

creative type, journalist, feline fan, spirits drinker, non-MMO roleplayer, compulsive reader, music enthusiast, binge-watcher.

this journal primarily consists of personal writing with forays into roleplaying and several fandom-oriented posts. it's currently locked due to privacy, but i welcome new friends! Comment here to be added.

Icons/moods/graphics made by me unless stated otherwise.

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90s alternative, adobe creative suite, alter egos, amanda palmer, american horror story, ami mizuno, ancient mythology, andrew mccarthy, anime, anorexia recovery, ap style, aphex twin, archer, army surplus, art nouveau, barbara kruger, battlestar galactica, bdsm, bea arthur, big black, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, black books, blixa bargeld, bob's burgers, box sets, brian eno, byzantium, cameos, caprica, cats, chan-wook park, character sheets, cleveland, communities, cooking, cosplay, court shows, cowboy bebop, criterion collection, current 93, customization, cyberpunk, darkwave, david cronenberg, death busters, decoupage, demonology, design, downtempo, editing, egon schiele, emulators, eric stoltz, etsy, eugene mirman, expanded universe, fanfiction, firefly, flcl, folklore, fonts, food, freaks and geeks, galaga, ghost in the shell, gifs, gordon ramsay, graphic design, harold ramis, harry potter, haruki murakami, his and her circumstances, icons, j.g. ballard, japan, john cusack, joss whedon, journalism, kitsch, lester bangs, loafing, local music, low, marc chagall, math rock, media law, medieval history, metal gear solid, mixed media, multitasking, music history, nadsat, national public radio, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, netflix, nick cave, niles crane, oddworld, our band could be your life, pbs, pennsylvania dutch, playlists, pop culture, post-punk, prismacolor, reality television, reform judaism, rms titanic, roleplaying, rpgs, sakamichi no apollon, sans-serif, sarah vowell, science fiction, self-deprecating humor, serial killers, sex, shingeki no kyojin, shipwrecks, shoegaze, shooting the shit, sitcoms, social smoking, some kind of wonderful, soundtracks, southern gothic, space westerns, star wars, stephen glass, stephen morris, stewart copeland, swimming, synthpop, taoism, tape loops, tarot, the brat pack, the pirate bay, the romanovs, trip-hop, tumblr, wargames, weaponry, west memphis three, winona ryder, woody allen, writing prompts, yoko kanno,
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